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Meet Dr. Maggie Ranck

Dr. Maggie Lakeville ChiropractorBeing a Lakeville native and having worked at Lubovich Chiropractic as a massage therapist from 2010-2014, I can say with certainty that I am truly ecstatic to be serving this amazing community yet again! I decided to go to Northwestern Health Sciences University for my Doctorate of Chiropractic after seeing the positive influence that Dr. Bob had with his patients that he cared for.

The knowledge that he had about the human body, the way that he educated the patients, and the honesty that he had were attributes that I admired and aspired for. Upon my graduation in April of 2018 I knew that there was one place above all others that I wanted to treat patients, and of course that was back home with this wonderful team of chiropractor, acupuncturist, and massage therapists!

A Firm Believer In Education

After the birth of my daughter, Raegan, my passion began shifting from my original goal of treating sports injuries to treating infants, children, and pre/post-natal mothers! I had an incredible opportunity to work with one of the best pediatric chiropractors in the area, who also happened to be a great educator. I was able to be full hands-on and treat pregnant mothers with ailments such as back, pelvic, and sciatic pain (to name a few), and watch the amazing transformation take place within the mother’s body, with the ultimate satisfaction being the face-to-face meeting of the little miracle inside once momma would come back after birth!

I had the opportunity to adjust newborns just a few days old, for issues such as torticollis, problems with latching, or colic. Adjusting babies is quite different from what one might be used to with manual adjustments, as the pressure applied is equivalent to the force you would use to check a tomato for ripeness! I am a firm believer in education – as a mother I expect to be informed about the state of my child, and as a doctor I encourage questions to be asked of me!


Although pediatrics is a special interest of mine, I enjoy treating the whole family. My final externship was under another amazing educator and chiropractor where we saw everyone from the ages of 5 to the upper 90’s, formulating specific treatment plans to the individual and giving at home exercises to extend the care beyond our clinic walls to achieve the most from our therapy! I am also a provider of the Graston Technique, which are instruments specially formulated for breaking up fibrous adhesions and allowing for more motion of the muscle-joint complex.

I look forward to the opportunity to care for your family! Do contact our office today at (952) 898-4900 for your appointment.

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