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What to Expect

Acupuncture at Lubovich Chiropractic, P.A.

Lady getting acupuncture in earA visit with an acupuncturist is very different from a visit with your MD. Acupuncture diagnosis is centered on the blockage and imbalance of Qi.

Your acupuncturist will ask you many questions, some seemingly unrelated to your health concerns, about the way your body functions and any symptoms you may be having. Sometimes symptoms you may have tolerated for years are very significant in diagnosing your current health condition.

Answering all the questions candidly will help your acupuncturist see where your imbalances and blockages of Qi are occurring.

Your First Visit

During your first visit a full health history will be taken. The purpose of a health history is to allow our acupuncturist, Jessa Wilson, to gather all the necessary information to assess the health of your qi. It also gives the practitioner an idea which acupuncture meridians are blocked or imbalanced. This is important to your overall health and a specific diagnosis.

Expect to fill out a complete health history on your first visit before you see the acupuncturist. This information is important to getting an accurate diagnosis for your condition. When you meet the acupuncturist you will discuss your health concerns and she will ask additional questions to help her be clear in correctly diagnosing and assessing your current condition.

There may be a physical exam of the area feeling for tenderness along specific acupuncture channels. Two diagnostic procedures will be performed by Jessa, which you may have never experienced before: the pulse and tongue diagnosis. Looking at the tongue and feeling the pulse at the wrist of both arms are ancient diagnostic procedures that help the acupuncturist confirm her diagnosis.

Regular Visits

Regular visits will still include an interview where we will talk about how you experienced the last treatment and any update on your current condition including any changes in your symptoms. There may also be another tongue and pulse exam and an acupuncture treatment.

Subsequent visits may be shorter than your first evaluation (about 45 minutes), because the acupuncturist has already developed a treatment plan.

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